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Red-Back Spider

A Venomous and Painful Bite

With eight legs, lightning speed, and a deadly bite, these spiders continue to multiply throughout the area. As the temperatures begin to rise each year, red-back spiders take cover in plants, shade, and untouched garden furniture to keep cool and multiply.

Leveraging more than 20 years industry experience, our team of pest control specialists provide reliable pest control services. Based on a scientific approach called Integrated Pest Management™ (IPM™), Boecker® Residential Pest control services provide you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your pest problem is over.


Part of the same family as the deadly black widow spider, red-back spiders are named for the distinctive red stripe along the back of the female. While female red-backs have shiny black bodies about the size of a large pea, male red-black are smaller and they are brown. While males have red marking, they are often pale and hard to see. Both male and female red-back spiders have long and thin legs.

Once the female red-back has mated, she can lay several batches of eggs every year. Typically, female red-backs produces about 10 white egg sacs, one every 3 weeks or so. Each egg sac contains approximately 250 eggs. That’s a lot of red-backs!

Only the female red-back bite is dangerous, which causes extreme pain and swelling. Their bite is highly venomous, and characterized by intense localized pain around the bite site. The swelling is generally limited to an area of several cm in radius from the bite site. Red-back spider bites can also cause nausea, chest pain, sweating, fever, and in extreme cases, respiratory failure.


To eliminate a red- back spiders infestation and to keep them from coming back requires an aggressive and persistent combination of actions. Boecker® pest control professionals will assess your home and property to suggest customized solutions, to include eliminating potential breeding areas, removing red-backs currently in your home, and administering safe and effective pesticides to keep the red-backs from coming back.

Boecker® pest control professionals possess the necessary experience and tools to provide convenient and stress-free scorpion removal. Our trained and certified experts will inspect the outside of your home for objects that would provide an inviting home to these dangerous creatures. We’ll seal up cracks and openings that could provide an entrance into your home, and we’ll treat your home with a chemical barrier to keep red-back spiders from returning.

You deserve to enjoy the peace of mind that comes from a secure pest free home. Let the professionals at Boecker® handle your red-back spider problem.

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