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Since its inception in 1999, the Boecker® Flying Insects Control Programme (FICP™) is guaranteed to rid your property of flying insects.

Commercial and residential pests are more than just a frustrating nuisance. When left unresolved, pest infestations can become a serious problem, which leads to property damage and damage to your home and furnishings. Insects can also lead to health problems, allergies, food contamination, and much more. At Boecker®, we have the knowledge and training to treat your specific pest control problem. After your pests are eliminated, our technicians will assist you in preventing future infestations.
Our dedicated team of pest control technicians applies a highly efficient and comprehensive system to eliminate insects from your home or business, called Integrated Pest Management™ (IPM™). By implementing the IPM™, we seek to identify and eliminate contributing factors necessary for the pest’s survival and use multiple strategies to manage the pests.


When it comes to pest management, our innovative FICP™ has become the trademark foundation of Boecker® success. As trailblazers in the pest control industry, the Boecker® team developed the first ever integrated system to control the most challenging pest problems, the flying insects.

Flying insects are not only frustrating to deal with, they also carry diseases and contaminate food and water supplies. Additionally, our FICP™ works around the breeding habits of flying insects and their biology.

Since its inception in 1999, our system has proven to:

  • Identify and eliminate breeding sites
  • Control adult insect population
  • Focus on the sterility of male flies and mosquitoes
  • Monitor and track insect population and breeding sites
  • And much more

The Boecker® FICP™ is guaranteed to rid your property of flying insects, to include:

  • Flies
  • Mosquitoes
  • Fruit flies
  • Dung flies
  • Wasps
  • And more

FICP™ works best with PestWest® full line of Electric Fly Killer Machines that are HACCP and ISO22000 Compliant.


Once we have inspected your premises and pest problem, our team of dedicated technicians will develop a customised plan to address your concerns.

Treatment may include any of the following:

  • Exterior protection – When needed, we can create a continuous barrier around the exterior of your property to manage pests before they enter the building.
  • Insect growth regulators – Using safe and effective products, we can replicate an insect’s natural hormones to disrupt their growth and development.
  • Bait – Luring pests out of their protected environments allows us to eliminate them once the bait is consumed.
  • Directed contact – We can directly apply safe and effective materials to the pests for fast acting control.
  • Void treatment – Treating enclosed areas such as the interiors of walls and underneath cabinets will eliminate pests and their nests.
  • Crack and crevice treatment – We carefully place safe and effective products in the areas where insects live, breed, and hide, with minimal exposure to children, pets, or food.
  • Structural fumigation – In extreme cases, a full fumigation is required.


We have built our sound reputation by partnering with only the most qualified industry professionals. We leverage innovation solutions with high-tech equipment and tools to provide the highest quality of safe chemicals and control systems for results you can count on. This, coupled with our exceptional customer service and back office team is guaranteed to resolve your pest management problems – now and into the future.

We stand behind all of pest control services from start to finish and long into the future. The Boecker® Quality Certificate is proudly posted on thousands of premises throughout the Middle East. When you place the Boecker® Quality Certificate inside your business, it serves as both a reassurance for your clients and as a testament to your commitment to protecting the health of your community and the environment. We stand behind our pest management services and solutions – guaranteed results you can trust!

We look forward to working with you.