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For a Germ-Protected Environment

Fitness centres, gyms and spas are known for their high level of humidity, their enclosed style of the premises and the exercising activities of athletes and members who produce litres of sweat on daily basis.

Exercise mats, showers, lockers, towels, toilets, exercise equipment, tools and more, are all a source of germs and are considered among the most germ-attractant of all surfaces.

As for the spa or club employees, dealing with clients is loaded with interpersonal interaction which exposes them to different types of germs and illnesses.

ICP™ is the perfect solution that provides Fitness and Spas facilities with a long lasting protection, as it:

  • Controls and reduces the possibility of crossing pathogens
  • Avoids employees’ absenteeism
  • Eliminates germs lingering on surfaces, equipment, mats, floors, etc…
  • Controls germs in the closed ventilation system and purifies the air

Boecker® will look into areas and stages that are considered critical to the transmission of micro-organisms.