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SMART® - The Ultimate Protection from Manufacturer to Shelf

Boecker® pest management experience in retail, shopping malls and the FMCG sector proved that protecting an off the shelf product goes back to the manufacturer in order to avoid any of the following possible pest hazards.

Finished Product in Manufacturer warehouses Moths, beetles, weevils, rats, mice
Product in transit – truck, train, delivery vehicles Cockroaches, mice, ants
Product in retailer warehouses Moths, beetles, weevils, rats, mice, ants
Product on retailer shelves Ants, cockroaches, flies, mice, rats
Product purchased for home or business Ants, cockroaches, moths, weevils

Boecker® insures the protection of each stage of the product trail and a continued monitoring, inspection of goods, sanitation and pest proofing of the storage facility and retail space that are essential to protect food and non-food products from the damage of pests.

Like all other industries the reputation of a retailer, especially malls, retail shops and food retailers like supermarkets or hypermarkets is directly affected as reviews, feedback and word of mouth escalate the rate of losing clients and faint reputation.

Boecker® protection ranges from protecting grocery and convenience stores, to super and hypermarkets as well as Malls and shopping centres; using the Boecker® SMART® Pest Management Approach with an increased focus on prevention and monitoring. The cooperation of the business operator is equally important especially when it comes to implementing Boecker® recommendations on sanitation and pest proofing.

The retail industry is also sensitive to flying insects namely flies; Boecker® provides the PestWest® exclusive solution using state of the art electric fly traps.

Recently quality standards and government regulations have banned the usage of high voltage electric fly “zappers” due to their risk of contaminating exposed food with insect body parts that could be projected out of the high voltage unit upon “zapping”. PestWest® fly traps based on a long-lasting glue board and maintenance free operation provide a guaranteed solution through Boecker® FICP™ (Flying Insects Control Program) as part of an IPM program against flying insects.