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SMART® - The Solution for the Most Pest Sensitive Sector

Healthcare facilities need less contamination and disease vectors than any other sector; avoiding pests that are the main carriers of germs and pathogens is crucial to them.

Boecker® approach to healthcare facilities comes with a CIEH Assured and JCI (Joint Commission International) compliance that will guarantee the highest standard of application, monitoring, follow up, reporting and most importantly traceability.

Boecker® entomologists will provide a complete HSE (Health, Safety & Environment) process in controlling pests.

Patients, the medical body and medical administration will “enjoy” a year-round trouble free, safety guaranteed applications through Boecker® SMART® Pest Management System for Medical & Healthcare facilities with a focus on Less Chemicals, More results approach.

Boecker® biosecurity services provide an excellent addition to its SMART® Pest Management programme where Boecker® control germs in the public areas of any medical centre (clinic’s office, to hospital lobbies, waiting areas, kindergarten, laboratory waiting areas, admission offices, emergency room, canteen and coffee shops, hospital elevators, ventilation ducts) and any area with risk of cross infection (patients to public) is protected with Boecker® EPA / FDA approved Microbecs™.

A Typical Medical Facility will benefit from Boecker® Exclusive Protection: Pest Management, Food Safety and Biosecurity through a fully customized programme tailored to the size and function of the facility.