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Thousands of hotel reviews are written every day and can easily affect the business of any hotel operation. Clients today demand quality service, quality lodging but also quality food and comfort that any pest infestation would directly affect.

A Hotel, Furnished Suites or other lodging facility is a complex environment by itself as it combines all the attractions for pests’ presence ranging from pests related to food operation, back of the house activity; to bedbugs that are one of the most resilient pests associated with lodging and the hotel industry.

Boecker® understands how delicate a hotel operation is and provides an exceptional flexibility with a core idea: “We Work Around You”. Working around you means being flexible enough to attend to your premises at your convenient time with 24/7 scheduling flexibility and specialized teams to target continuously active locations like your room service kitchen, your lobbies, etc… so that your clients remain undisturbed yet continuously protected.

Boecker® is the choice of leading hotel brands around the region and has built years of experience in serving the hotel industry, learning its preferences and managing its requirements with ease and efficiency.

Dedicated Account Officer and Technical Officer are available at your service for immediate field support or for any technical advice. Boecker® Exclusive Insurance guarantees a safe and secure intervention in your premises with a coverage up to $1,000,000 against accidental damages and third party liability* (*conditions apply).


Bed bugs can be particularly problematic in buildings with rapid resident turnover such as hotels and furnished apartments. Bedbugs multiply at a staggering rate of 5,000 offspring per female and could infest an entire building in no time. Boecker® has the widest experience in the region with bedbugs as well as the region’s First Bed Bug Prevention system for hotels.

Learn more about Boecker® guaranteed Bedbug control options.