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Boecker® Academy™ is a research and educational centre dedicated to the training and development of Boecker® team members but also to governmental bodies like municipalities, authorities, environmental health officers, hygiene officers, military experts, fire departments and civil defence, public health related NGOs, environmental activists and researchers, entomologists and food scientists as well as the medical support community.

Boecker® Academy™ is also a centre of excellence where its affiliation with the world’s leading institutes, universities, trade associations and research centres funnels into a large knowledge base that is shared on a collaboration platform to engage and promote professionalism, innovation and best practice.

Boecker® Academy™ provides the following services:

  • Training of Boecker® professional pest management technicians
  • Training of Boecker® Engineers
  • Laboratory Services for entomology and microbiology
  • Government & Regulatory authorities Relations
  • Public Training Courses for University Students
  • Internship opportunities for University Students
  • Knowledge Management
  • Library Services for Boecker® Group
  • Best practice collaboration
  • Focal Point for International Affiliations