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Controls the Spread of Diseases

Family members or flat mates share viruses and infections throughout the year. When one family member gets sick, the whole family ends up in bed too; this is mainly due to the “infected” environment but also the direct or indirect contact with contaminated items like remote-controls, doorknobs, phones, toys shared by children etc…

We should not neglect air quality at home or at work where air ducts inside the air conditioning or heating units are major vehicles, carrying germs throughout the home or office or any air conditioned area.

Some think that by getting sick we boost our immune system, true! But let’s not forget that there are some critical pathogens that should be avoided as they can be life-threatening like H1N1, Rotavirus, Legionella, Hepatitis A, etc…

Boecker® ICP™ guarantees disinfecting hard to reach areas where germs may be multiplying due to humidity, warmth or the presence of pests like insects that carry germs and spread diseases that could affect vulnerable members like elderly, children and pregnant women. The same applies for air ducts and air filtering systems.