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General Pest Management

When you choose your Pest Management partner you are selecting the people responsible for protecting your reputation.

Boecker® Smart Solutions™ offered reliability and peace of mind to thousands of business owners for more than 20 years.

Boecker® is the first company in the World to be assured by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH), UK for providing World Class Pest Management services in both commercial and residential sectors, thanks to:

  • The highest quality of chemicals and control systems
  • The best industry professionals
  • High tech equipment and tools
  • A second to none back office team members and subject matter experts
  • Every step is carefully crafted around your specific requirements

Only Boecker® can provide safe, certified and guaranteed service.

At Boecker® we understand that a pest-free environment is paramount for a successful business; which is why we put at your service our trained and certified pest management professionals who will attend to your premises in addition to the acclaimed customer service and back office support.

Boecker® General Pest Management service offers safe, certified and guaranteed protection against Crawling Insects and Rodents throughout your premises all year round.


No matter what your pest problem or prevention need is, Boecker® Guarantees its services, products and craftsmanship.

The Boecker® Quality Certificate proudly posted on thousands of premises is a reassurance for your own clients and a medal of commitment to protecting health, property and the environment from your side.

Boecker® fully guarantees your pest management audit pass:

  • Compliant with AIB supplier or client audit
  • HACCP / ISO22000 compliant
  • Franchise Audit (YUM, Mc. Donald’s. etc.)
  • SQF / IFS Compliance
  • Global Gap Compliance
  • GMPs / GCPs / GAP Compliance

You can rest assured to get top scores on your Boecker®-CIEH assured pest management service and focus on other sections of your audit.

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